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Try before you Buy

Good Evening Stacey, This is your Daily Digest "Nightly Debrief" for the P2R G.E.T F.I.TT 12 Week Challenge.

How many times are you able to try something before you buy it? Depending on what it is, the case is often buy and figure out the return policy. What if you could try everything before you bought anything? Can you imagine a world where you didn't have to commit until after you gave what you thought you wanted or needed a test run? Well obviously, the world doesn't work like that. So why do we go through life trying life before we commit to living it? What do I mean? If we are supposed to "have life and have it more abundantly." (John 10:10), why do we think that we have to accept the status quote and live by "Micro"/"Meso" Manifestation?

What did you set your intentions on this morning and then accomplish? What new things have you ventured out to do, be it successfully or not? Life is for living not life'ing. Life does a great job of life'ing without your help. We must all stop trying life before we buy into the notion that there is an abundance out there and it's ours for the taking. Try before you buy is not applicable for most things but it is never applicable for LIFE! BUY NOW and thank me later.

Mindset Is Everything!!! Have a good night! Coach Stacey (that's "ey")

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