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Come Fly with Me

Good Morning, This is your Daily Digest "Morning Intentions" for the P2R G.E.T F.I.TT 12 Week Challenge.

Have you ever seen a selfie of an eagle? The answer is "No". And the reason seems obvious, birds are not human and therefore can't take selfies. But I ask the question not based upon capabilities, but rather characteristics. Although you've never seen a selfie of an eagle, you see pictures of them all the time. More than any other species of bird, the image of an eagle is widely used as a representation for many things.

The eagle is most commonly represented as strength, freedom and strong-will. The eagle is known for its "soaring" abilities. Often a symbol of flying high, the eagle is used in reference to rising above everything. Yet none of these characteristics are indicative of ego, arrogance, or self promotion. Eagles are loners, independent and don't seem to care what others think of them (other than reference in prey).

The scriptures reference eagles at least 30 times (more depending on the translation) and they represent honesty, truth, majesty, strength, courage, wisdom, power and freedom. Eagles are believed to have a special connection to God. So why do we not learn from them. Why are they only symbolic and picture perfect for goals and representation?

The United States of America uses the eagle as its national bird. Who granted them permission for that? I won't get on a soap box but suffice as to say how do you use a symbol for characteristics that you don't represent truly or fully represent? Fortunately, the eagle is able to rise above the misrepresentation, and now I digress.

I now use 4 different bird types as character types for my clients. I won't get into that here but the eagle is one of them and from what I've learned about eagles, I know that they are flyers - their wings, feathers and tails aid them in their flying capabilities. What aids you in flying above the Earth's challenges? Vision - Eagles have remarkable sight. What are you focused on and what is your long-term Vision? Diurnal - Eagles have very active daily lifestyles. You rarely see eagles at night but rather during the day when they are most productive. Are you busy during the day or productive during the day? There is a difference and since humans are not typically nocturnal, your productivity should be reflected more during the day rather than at night.

I don't know about you but I am setting my intentions on being more like an eagle. I not only want to fly, I want to soar. I want to be able to consistently represent honesty, truth, strength, courage, wisdom, power and most importantly freedom. I want to pass other eagles along the way and give a nod of recognition for their ability to soar as well. I don't need others to fly in a flock with me, but recognize the comradery of our characteristics. I am inviting you to "come fly with me". Will you join me?

Mindset Is Everything!!! Have a great day full of intentions...Coach Stacey (that’s “ey”)

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