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And To All A Good Night

Good Evening, This is your Daily Digest "Nightly Debrief" for the P2R G.E.T F.I.TT 12 Week Challenge.

This is a quote from the famous "Twas the Night Before Christmas" poem. It is in fact the ending line. What do you think about immediately following this quote? I'm sure you think of Christmas and maybe even start to recite the poem from the beginning.

A couple of weekends ago, I spent time with my best girlfriends at our annual "Girlfriends Favorite Things Retreat". This is something that we do every year before Christmas and have done so since 2012 when it began as a day event by our matriarch Sister Friend Karen. We lost Karen in 2014 but in an effort to honor her and the tradition she started, we took over the planning and organizing the event every year since.

One of the things that happened this year that made me think about the popular poem was the first night when we all chimed in at different times, with different inflections but in the same vein of love with "Goodnight". I finished the nighttime salutation with "Goodnight John Boy" coined from the popular show from the 70's "The Walton's". The popular line was the last name called after the lights went out and the family (one by one) bid a goodnight to the other members for a seemingly long period of "goodnights". I threw out my attempt at humor because it seemed like the "Goodnight's" were going to take as long as the Walton's version.

What has struck me as a blessing is the love and comradery of a group of powerful women who, no matter what stick together and have each other's back regardless of life life'ing. What a blessing to be in one space together to even say "Goodnight" to one another. From our respective homes, across the states now, we wish each other a good night, good days, good years, etc. but we don't take the time to call every day or night to actually say it.

I thought about my nightly ritual and I realized that I pray for everyone, I even call some folks by name and get really specific with my prayers for them, but I rarely pray that anyone has a "good night". I ask that they be protected. I ask that they awake in the morning in good health. I even thank God for their lives, but I don't ask that they have a good night.

In your debrief tonight, think about the last time you wished someone outside of your home a good night. In your prayers, add that for those you love, those who love you and everyone in between.

Mindset Is Everything! I bid you all a Good Night! Coach Stacey (that's "ey")

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