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The Challenge

I have developed this 12 week (90-Day) challenge to support the preset before the reset.  The new year comes with its own set of challenges; instead of adding to the pressures of resetting in those areas that have long challenged you, take the opportunity to get a jump start on making some integral shifts now.

Life can be challenging!

Gold's Gym offered up a memorable list of warning signs that your health goals (and I dare say goals in general) are at risk:  Using the acronym C.L.I.F.F., think of falling off track (the cliff) of your typical resolutions.

C - Can't find the time.

L - Lacking a game plan to keep you going.

I - Ignoring your commitment and falling into old patterns.

F - Frustrated with lack of early results.

F - Forgetting why you started.

Why should you join the Preset to Reset Challenge?  I will support you through the 5 key steps to SUCCESS

Step 1: Admit you need help, and ask for it

"People who say, 'I can do it on my own - I know what to do,' are more likely to fail than those who say, 'I need support.' 

Step 2: Start with baby steps

"Setting incremental steps for change is critical," 

Step 3: Make it part of your everyday routine

"Make a permanent change in your lifestyle to see permanent changes."

Step 4: Keep track of your progress

Keeping track shows that your hard work has been paying off and it also helps you measure yourself against yourself instead of others, which offsets unrealistic personal expectations.

Step 5: Get support and accountability

Having a partner support you in reaching your goals and a coach to hold you accountable to consistently remind you of your goals and your "Why" goes a long way in achieving a successful outcome.

What's Included...

Included in Challenge:

  • Weekly Live Coaching Sync up and Q&A (every Monday at a minimum)

  • Weekly Coaching Modules with Self-Paced Activities

  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group Community

  • Accountability Partnership

  • Weekly Topic Experts Coaching/Training

*Each coach will also determine frequency of their coaching schedules

**Any other material that the coaches wish to include their coaching week

  • Downloadable Journal for Tracking

  • Downloadable Nutrition Log (for those with weight loss goal)

  • Daily Digest (Morning Intention and Nightly Debrief)

  • Daily Blog

  • 60 Day Pass to Peloton App

Join the Challenge Today!
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