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Who Is Stacey (that's "ey")?


Stacey (that's "ey"), a Published Author, Licensed Minister, Mindset Coach and Keynote Speaker, has made it her mission to help high-achieving women unlock the courage and confidence within. Through education and real-life experience, she helps those who struggle with obstacles overcome everything blocking them from achieving the true freedom they desire - allowing them to realize their full potential.  She guides them on their journey towards living the lives they deserve - providing invaluable insight derived from years of ministerial practice; proving that true emancipation lies in mindful practices!  Her signature “G.E.T.F.I.T.T.” (Gain Essential Tools to Focus, Incorporate and Try and Thrive) coaching program equips women with the tools necessary to see themselves outside of the confined roles that “women are supposed to play” and supports them in defining their own path for their future. The program is about so much more than helping women just to get fit physically - it opens the door for them to confidently step into their own power and create an empowering future, free from outdated expectations or limitations!

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