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Achieving your goals is possible through the shifting of mindsets
towards success... I provide the tools to help you succeed.


Coach Stacey
(that's "ey")

Transitional Strategist
Mindset Coac
Keynote Speaker

Who Is Stacey?

Stacey, a Published Author, Licensed Minister, Mindset Coach and Keynote Speaker/Panelist, has made it her mission to help high-achieving women unlock the courage and confidence within. Through education and real-life experience, she helps those who struggle with obstacles, overcome everything blocking them from achieving the true freedom they desire - allowing them to realize their full potential.  She guides them on their journey towards living the lives they deserve - providing invaluable insight derived from years of ministerial practice; proving that true emancipation lies in mindful practices!  Stacey's "G.E.T.F.I.T.T." program is about so much more than helping women just to get fit - it opens the door for them to confidently step into their own power and create an empowering future; free from outdated expectations or limitations! 


She’s Been There

Stacey had a very emotionally challenging young adulthood, giving birth to her daughter at the age of 17, being a single mother, leaving high school her senior year with a G.E.D., putting herself through college while working a full-time job and living under the definitions of unworthiness that many placed on her. Despite an emotionally trying start to adulthood, Stacey found the strength and determination to not only provide for herself financially but also heal her mind, body, and spirit. Through a unique combination of psychology, theology, sociology - as well as immense personal growth work - she was able to create a life that now allows her to help others on their own journey towards healing and forgiveness.


After over 35 years of striving for success in Corporate America, Stacey began to feel an unshakable sense of dissatisfaction. Her research into the power and potential within human consciousness led her on a journey towards freedom from guilt, worry, insecurity and other traumas that pervade our world. What followed was a quest to not only liberate herself but also those around her who are bound by invisible knots.  Stacey discovered a fire within her to empower others and unlock their hidden potential. She now uses speaking, writing, coaching and training to equip women with the tools they need for growth - enabling them along an amazing journey towards achieving extraordinary dreams that may have seemed impossible before.

Untying Knots

Stacey has been given the opportunity to empower others with a tool she learned all too well in her journey: how to navigate challenges and untie unhealthy knots that hold us back. Sharing what has kept her confined, Stacey graciously invites others on a brave expedition to help them unravel the knots and soar towards freedom.  She has been called upon to be a beacon in helping others untie the knots that have held them back for far too long - so they can finally find courage, joy and abundant possibilities on their path ahead!


Contact Details

For Media Inquiries or other communication outside of booking Stacey for your event, please contact:

KnotFree Living, LLC
1000 Peachtree Industrial Blvd

Ste 6, #242
Suwanee, GA 30024
Office: 678.562.5635

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